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Zoom for Music!

What is the one program that almost everyone in the WORLD knows about during this time? That's right, ZOOM! This video-conferencing program has made its way into our everyday life, and has been our primary form of communication in our workplace and even schools! While it is truly helpful for conference calls and other types of meetings, its has not been set up for music instruction. However, with a few setting adjustments, you or your child will have an awesome sound quality during your music lessons.

​Change Audio Settings on your computer (preferred)

  • Once you join the call, click on the little arrow next to the mic (^), then Audio Settings

  • Uncheck Automatically Adjust Volume

  • On the bottom right corner, select Advanced

  • Check or Select Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone

  • Select Disable on Suppress Persistent Background Noise

  • Select Disable on Suppress Intermittent Background Noise, and exit the window.

  • Return to your video meeting. On the top left of your screen, you should see "Turn On Original Sound." Select this button, and make sure that it says "Turn Off," as this means it's ON.

Change your Audio Settings on mobile devices:

  • Once you login to your account: Settings → Meeting → Use Original Sound (turn on)

  • Once you join the meeting: More → Enable Original Sound

  • NOTE: If you use your computer, you have better control of the audio settings vs. phones or tablets. However, Zoom is constantly making updates as well for phones and tablets.

For a 2 minute video demonstration, click here: Instructions for Zoom Lessons:

  • Set-up for your lesson 3-5 minutes before your lesson start time (books, instrument, pencil, metronome, etc.)

  • Have your instructor's Meeting ID # and password handy. If you get disconnected, please join in again using the meeting ID. Your teacher will also start the call again.

  • Please type your/your student’s name so your teacher knows who you are (instead of the device name)

  • Students under 8 years old must have a parent in the room during the entire lesson

  • Please choose a quiet room that will not have many distractions

  • Turning off other devices that are using your Wi-Fi will help significantly with connection issues when having your lesson.

Tips for Piano Players:

Tips for Drum Players:

Tips for Guitar Players (Strings, Woodwinds/Brass Students):

Tips for Voice Students:

For any assistance or questions, please contact us at!


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