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Group Ukulele  

Group Ukulele

Group classes at The Richardson School of Music are fun and exciting! They are an excellent way for Children, Teens and Adults to begin their musical training. These classes will focus on fundamentals, and will give students a supportive environment to blossom in their musical journey and also to be ready for the more intensive demand of private lessons.  RSM classes will have a student/teacher ratio of 6/1 in most group classes —allowing for a significant amount of individual attention.

Parents often wonder if they should sign their child up for group lessons or private lessons! There truly is no right answer. Although many students, regardless of personality, do well in private lessons, some students learn better in a group setting. The social environment of group lessons just makes it a better fit for some!

Group classes are now Postponed due to COVID-19. Please contact us if you would like to be in our group class interest list, or visit our Private Lessons page for current options.


In this class children will learn the fundamentals of the Ukulele while having fun and learning with their peers! Children will work together as well as on their own learning chords, reading the treble clef, learning tablature, learning popular songs and more!  Also, each lesson will incorporate the use of computer software to reinforce music theory fundamentals.

For more information about joining our interest list for Group Ukulele lessons please email

Now Open for Virtual & In-Person Lessons for All Ages!

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