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Joe Johnson

About Mr. Joe

Joe Johnson comes from a family of musicians and artists. From his older sisters, to his parents, and grandparents and their siblings, there are writers, dancers, cellists, pianists, singers, and more. Joe began playing guitar at the age of 11. After hearing the guitar parts in the song "Last Resort," by Papa Roach, he knew the guitar would be a part of him for the rest of his life.

Joe draws influence from all genres of music from all corners of the globe.

Metal, hip hop, electronic music, music from African countries, from the Middle East, South America, Europe. He's played in punk rock bands, metal bands, jazz groups, reggae and funk, and has performed on stage countless times. Few connections are more profound than the connections made musically. Our hearts are multilingual, and to help people tap into one of the languages of their hearts, and express it through their instrument is what drives Joe to teach, and he has been doing so for over 16 years.

Now Open for Virtual & In-Person Lessons for All Ages!

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