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Jamilia Jacobs

About Ms. Jamilia

Jamilia Jacobs is a native of Pee Dee, South Carolina. Starting at a young age, she participated in band clinics, band camps, community chorus, and other music programs. Jamilia has studied a number of instruments, including piano, guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and clarinet. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance with a concentration in Flute from Benedict College. After college, Jamilia discovered a passion for the healthcare field, leading her to earn her Professional Studies Certificate for Music Therapy in 2018, and is in the final stages of completing her Music Therapy Certification.

Over the years, Jamilia has found joy in teaching music to kids and adults while allowing them to both recognize their strengths and generalize those skills to settings outside of music. She describes her teaching style as hands-on, interactive, and student centered and seeks to create safe spaces for competency, critical thinking, and transference of skills through her teaching. Jamilia believes it is important to cater to students’ learning styles while creating inclusive spaces. While teaching, she is also very aware of the things her students teaches her — learning their likes, dislikes, how they interact with others, and how that is affected by their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. These characteristics guide her as she provides creative learning spaces, with a goal of developing the students inner musician while learning a variety of other skills including accountability, trust, and relationship building.

Now Open for Virtual & In-Person Lessons for All Ages!

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