Grand Piano
Sara Lyons

Sara's Bio

Sara Lyons hails from Portland, Oregon. She began her formal music training at age six with her first music teacher, Linda Greer. Mrs. Greer employed Syllabus, a unique curriculum endorsed by the Oregon Music Teachers Association affording classical piano and technical skills, music theory, sight and rhythm reading, and repertoire. 


At age 17, Sara achieved the highest level of Syllabus. Throughout the levels and with each jury, where a professional in the music world judged students’ performances of required repertoire, Sara consistently received the highest score of “superior”. At a young age, she won the Jean Rich award. 


Her time as a Girls’ Counselor and later appointment to Director of her home church kids’ Pathfinder club gave Sara the opportunity to design creative learning tools for kids and teens in varying environments. 


She has been taught by several excellent piano instructors at the university level, including Amie Belisle, Leonard Richter from Walla Walla University, Anita King from Portland State University, and Laura Klein. She is currently taking lessons with Dr. Mark Di Pinto at Washington Adventist University, where she was successfully admitted to the Music Therapy program in Spring of 2020. 


In her spare time Sara enjoys volunteering at hospitals near her residence, playing in piano in the lobbies for patients and hospital staff. It was this activity that first brought her attention to the career of Music Therapy. From there, the idea grew into a passion for connecting and healing others through and with music.  


In 2019, Sara and her husband realized God was calling them across the country from Hillsboro, Oregon to Takoma Park, Maryland to pursue their respective programs of study, and so they applied and were accepted to Washington Adventist University, where they currently reside, work and study. 


Sara has performed as an accompanist in several high school choirs and brings her soprano voice to the Columbia Collegiate Chorale of Washington Adventist University, directed by Anwar Ottley. 


Sara is an encouraging, patient and knowledgeable pianist, passionate about sharing her love of music and its ability to bring people together, the simplicity of sound and the complexity of music in all its beauty.


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